Laboratory of Nano-Biophysics of Ionic Liquids

Atomic Force Microscopy || Neutron Scattering || Computer Simulations

The NanoBioPhysics Lab's Bio-Atomic Force Microscope
The Lab runs a brand-new new-generation bio-Atomic Force Microscope (DriveAFM, Nanosurf) mounted on an inverted fully-motorised optical epi-fluorescence microscope (Axio Observer 7, Zeiss) for correlative studies. The system is a tip-scanning AFM capable of both piezo and photothermal actuation of the cantilever. It is equipped with a number of accessories and software packages that expand its capability including: Petri-dish holder, 150 micro-meter z-stage, Cooling & heating sample holder, Environmental control chamber, Temperature & CO2 controllers, Variable magnetic field generator, Fast scan, FluidFM, Advance force spectroscopy software package, nanorheology software package.
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